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Since the first edition of the Flora of Virginia was published in 2012, much has changed. New records have been confirmed for Virginia. Species new to science have been discovered here. Species labeled “waifs” in the 2012 volume have been confirmed as more widespread or populous and so deserve full treatment. Taxonomies continue to be re-evaluated, scientific names changed, and taxa lumped or split.


Updates to the Flora are needed, and now that we have the Flora Mobile App and the data sets that power it, the Flora team can bring you this information immediately, as soon as they can research it, write it, draw it, map it, and make keys for it. These updates will likely be included in a planned Second Edition of the Flora. All new information will first appear in the Flora Mobile App. To support these needed updates, the Flora Project team needs to muster and pay botanists, writers, illustrators, and cover the costs of data tabulation and processing, programming, and editing.


We know you want an accurate reference for your work, study, or interest and that you have appreciated the Flora because it has met that need. If you have enjoyed using the Flora printed volume and the Flora Mobile App, we hope you will be generous in supporting this important next phase: Flora II - Keeping the Science Current!


As a Designated Partner of the Flora Project, the Virginia Native Plant Society wholeheartedly supports this effort and asks for your generosity to reach a $25,000 goal. Please donate now!


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